High sensitivity Flame Sensor Module


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Flame Sensor Module

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This is a high sensitivity flame sensor module which is used to detect IR radiations caused by a fire or a flame. It has a power supply indicator lamp, Comparator output indicator lamp (analog), and a real-time thermistor voltage output (digital).
The threshold IR is adjusted by a potentiometer. This module is used in fume cupboards, industrial heating and drying machines, generators and storage tanks …
You can use this sensor to implement simple applications such as fire detection system, or advanced systems such as the systems mentioned above.


Material Composite
Supported Voltage DC 0 – 15 V
Detection Angle Range About 60 degrees
Extreme Sensitivity Range 760-1100nm
Hole Inner Diameter Approx. 3mm
Size (L x W) Approx. 36 x 16mm

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